What is a cronjob?

Cron is a time-primarily based totally activity scheduler in Unix or Unix-like pc running systems. You can use Cron to time table jobs, i.e. to execute instructions or shell scripts at detailed times, dates, or intervals.

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cronjob syntax

Syntax and Structure of a Cronjob

Structure and syntax of a CronTab report Cron makes use of unique configuration files, so-referred to as CronTab files, which comprise a listing of cron jobs to be executed. CronTab stands for Cron Table. Each line withinside the CronTab report represents a CronJob.

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Crontab every 5 minutes

Cronjob examples

An instance of a CronJob will be the backup of a database at 2 am every day of the week. In this case, the CronTab record could incorporate the following:

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